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    coast are a rich source of tannin, an essential raw materi▓al for the tanning industry.The Jing peo▓ple had their own script which was called Zinan. Created on the basis of the script of the Han people▓ towards the end of the 13th

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    century, it was found in old s▓ong books and religious scriptures. Mo▓st Jings read and write in the Han scr▓ipt because they have lived with Hans for a long time. They ▓speak the Cantonese dialect.The ancestors of the Jings emig▓rat

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    ed from Viet Nam to China in the early 16th century and first settled on the three uninhabited lands since the neighborhood had been populated by people of Han and Zhuang ethnic group. Shoulder t▓o shoulder with the Hans and Zhuang

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    s there, they dev▓eloped the border areas together and sealed close relations in their joint endeavors over the centuries.The Jings, who were all illiterate before 1949, are now going to school, and many young people have moved o

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    nto college education. Each village now has a clinic, and paramedics have been assigned to each fishing vessel.Jing people like antiphonal songs which are melodious and lyrical. Their traditional instruments include the two-string

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ed fiddle, fl▓ute, drum, gong and the single-stringed fiddle, a unique musical instrument of the ethnic group. Folk stories and▓ legends abound. Their favorite dances feature lanterns, fancy colored sticks, embroidery and dragons.Jing costume is simple and practical. Traditionally, women wear tight-fitting, collarless short blouses buttoned in front pl▓us a diamond-shaped top apron and broad bl

ack or brown trousers. When going out, they would put on a light colored gown with narrow sleeves. They al▓so like earrings. Men wear long jackets reaching down to the knees and girdles. Now most people dress themselves like their Han neighbors though a f

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